Session Recap

Marketers' guide to run successful webinars

Michael Barber + Patrick Prammann + Lewis Spearman + Geoffrey Brown + Jeremy Stinton
Michael Barber : 'Using Webinars and Digital Events as a Marketing Tool'
On using webinars as a marketing tool
Patrick Prammann : "How virtual transformed our marketing capabilities"
On creating 200 webinars with 30.000 participants in 1,5 years
Lewis Spearman : "Repurposing your webinar to maximise your ROI"
On repurposing your webinar content
Geoffrey Brown : 'Webinars as an important driver for GoDaddy's marketing success'
On running successful webinar programmes
Jeremy Stinton : 'When online events and CRM collide to make magic'
On integrating data flows and CRM in webinars

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