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Ole Qvist-Sørensen

On using pen and paper to create authenticity, clarity and engagement in webinars
Author of "Visual Collaboration" & Founder & Co-owner at Bigger Picture

When the pandemic hit, Ole was invited to delivery key notes, host webinars and lead workshops and trainings on how to use simple visuals to improve online meetings. Ole is the co-author of the book "Visual Collaboration"[Wiley 2019]. It presents a method with which individuals and teams can cultivate a more visual way of working (remote and face to face): The Five Building Blocks of Visual Collaboration. The book is for people working with strategy, innovation and learning and has been translated to Italian, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, German and French. Companies like SAP, MURAL and Maersk, have found the methods and tools valuable their current digital transformation efforts. Learn more on www.visualcollaboration.site. Ole holds a masters degree in Learning and Business Studies from Roskilde University and a degree from the creative entrepreneurship education Kaospilot.dk. He lives and works in Paris. Learn more on www.visualcollaboration.site.

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