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Puk Scharbau

On performing on camera with body, voice and appearance.
Award-winning actress from ‘The Bridge’.

Puk holds a Master’s degree in international business coaching and has a rare combination of experience within drama, management consulting and leadership training. She has 20 years of experience with almost 200 companies and 5000 leaders and specialists- optimising their communication- leadership- collaboration- and presentation competencies and as an executive coach.

Puk is a very skilled and creative facilitator, coach and trainer and she designs customised and interactive conferences and workshops for individuals, teams and groups. At present, she is lead trainer at Novo Nordisk’s leader communication and presentation workshops, for specialist as well as executive management - both in Denmark and at international affiliates.

Puk is a professionally trained and award-winning actress. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in media and oral rhetoric, and is certified as leader and process consultant, adult educator and change agent.

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