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Stevyn Kemp

On best practices on webinar promotion, formats, content and more
Global Webinar Execution Specialist at NetApp

As a marketing enthusiast and graduate of London South Bank University, Stevyn dived head first into the corporate world at NetApp thriving in the excitement, rush and challenges involved with digital marketing in the IT industry. Starting off as an intern he worked his way through the ranks, did different roles and today is part of the Webinar Squad who are responsible running all the companies webinars globally. His awards in collaboration and team work are a testimony to his ability pulling the right people together and working across different teams.

Stevyn's background is in performing arts and hospitality that present him with an upper hand when it comes to creating a unique audience experience and engaging digital event. With all things being customer first Stevyn and the team focus on how best to optimise the webinar experience and do continuous testing to improve engagement.

Stevyn has a very curious nephew who during lockdown has shown great interest in marketing and provided invaluable ideas. Stevyn can not take all the credit for the work on this presentation partly to some of the contribution from his "mini-me"

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